1. Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

Want to increase the sales of your consumer products? Start with your packaging.
Attractive-looking packaged goods require a tailored approach: exactly what we offer you at Peterson.

Transport & Promotion

Combine maximum product protection with a high level of promotion.

Customised solutions

Customised packaging solutions to make products stand out and attract buyers.

High-quality print

To attract attention in-store, add high-quality printing to your packaging.

As a packaging supplier, Peterson understands how important innovative and protective packaging solutions are for the consumer goods industry. We tailor Our  corrugated-board packaging to meet your demands and desires, as well as the specific requirements of your products. We offer packaging and display solutions for a range of consumer products.

Our aim? Providing you with quality packaging that meets all your needs. And that smooths and simplifies your warehousing and logistics processes. We also make sure that when your products hit the shelves, they genuinely stand out and attract attention in your made-to-measure packaging.


Discover all the benefits for your consumer goods with packaging tailored to your products.

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