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What packaging would nature choose?

Sustainability, recycling and a circular economy

Peterson manufactures corrugated-board products from recycled paper fibres. After use, these products are recycled once again, creating a circular economy. 

Our sustainability efforts also extend to our clients. By optimising their packaging, we have helped them to improve their own sustainability, reduce their emissions and save space, time and money, and the environment too. 

You can find our more about our sustainability efforts in VPK Packaging Group's sustainability reports.

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Optimise your packaging and your sustainability

Peterson changed Alna's standardised boxes to customised wrap-around packaging designed to better accommodate the dimensions of the containers within. As a result, the number of boxes delivered on one pallet increased from 700 to 1.200 and the number of salad tubs on one pallet went from 360 to 594.

Nortura switched from plastic trays to corrugated cardboard packing trays, developed by Peterson, that fit better onto pallets. They initially did this for five different products. It saved them 120 trailer loads and 760.160 trips to return plastic trays. This reduced their mileage, emissions, and the costs of their logistics so much, Nortura has decided to do the same for all their other products.

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Our certifications

Our pursuit of sustainability and environmentally friendly practices has raised us to the pinnacles of quality. We have been awarded the highest level of BRC certification (BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials) for the production facilities in Norrköping, Sweden, and Randers, Denmark, as the first corrugated packaging manufacturer in Scandinavia. The BRC certification means that Peterson is able to meet the extensive requirements for the production, storage and distribution of packaging for food and pharmaceutical products. 

Please find Our Control reports from the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food here

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