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Customer-centric consulting

From providing information and conducting diagnoses to giving recommendations and assisting with implementation, our consultants can help you improve the effectiveness of specific links in your packaging supply chain.


With PetaCheck we analyse your business and business needs. To find the optimal packaging solution, we always start with a systematic review of the entire value chain from idea to design, exposure, packaging process, logistics and returns. Vi think you will be surprised by the results.

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Packaging design and innovation

Our primary task as a supplier of packaging solutions is to protect your product, simplify your logistical processes, reduce your carbon footprint and sell your product. Our focus on packaging design and innovation consultancy is set up to meet these objectives.

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Printing solutions

Are your requirements mainly focused on printing of traditional boxes based on brown paper? Or do you need printing on the shiny, high-quality paper commonly used to package luxury consumer goods? For standard brown box printing, retail-ready packaging solutions, or high-quality printed requirements, you will get excellent quality at competitive delivery times from VPK.

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Tell us what you need. Our experts have the experience and insight to tailor an innovative solution for your product and your industry.
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