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  1. Wrap Around

Wrap Around

Efficient and time-saving packaging

Efficient packaging

Efficient and time-saving packaging

Reduce costs

Optimize logistics and increase product sales


To the shelf in no time

Sustainable packaging

Corrugated packaging supports your company's sustainability efforts.

Efficient packing process and simple handling

WrapAround packaging is an efficient and time-saving solution which is well suited for stackable products. The packaging is wrapped around the products, manually or by machine, before the upper part and flaps are folded and closed. This makes for a very efficient packing process. The packaging can be opened in different ways, and a simple operation makes it ready for the shelf.
Prints of up to six colours will strengthen your brand and give your products maximum exposure on shelves and markets!

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Optimized packaging for increased profitability and an improved environment

Due to our long experience in the industry and innovative approach to customer requirements and specifications, we can propose solutions that will reduce costs, optimize logistics and increase product sales. Our shelf-ready WrapAround concepts are strong as well as easy to transport and recycle, and therefore they are particularly popular in the grocery trade.

Overall supplier of packaging and packing machines

We deliver complete packing machines with high capacity and tailor-made technical solutions. Our packing systems offer smart solutions and competitive advantages, and we carry the overall responsibility: from concept to installation, start-up and service. This ensures maximum uptime and a high capacity usage ratio, and you have just one party to relate to!

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