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Trays optimized for simple handling and maximum visibility

Simple Handling

Simple handling and maximum visibility

Efficient packing

High stacking strength and maximum visibility

Shelf-ready packaging

Designed for quick handling in shops

Sustainable packaging

Corrugated packaging supports your company's sustainability efforts.

Corrugated trays are affordable and shelf-ready packaging

which is widely used for agricultural products, often in combination with lids and/or shrink film.

Our solutions meet all industry requirements with regard to transportation, storage, logistics and environmental aspects, and they increase profitability through efficient packing, high stacking strength and maximum visibility.

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The trays are designed for quick handling in shops;

a few simple steps make them ready for shelves or markets. They are time-saving and economical!

Peterson is an industry leader as regards print and offers a printing quality approximating offset and preprint. This makes for eye-catching packaging which exhibits and enhances the brand in the best possible manner

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