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  1. Transport packaging

Transport packaging

Peterson offers all types of transport packaging in corrugated cardboard, irrespective of the means of transport and volumes

Printed solutions

Transport packaging can be printed to enhance your brand and increase visibility.

Tailor-made solutions

We produce tailor-made solutions for your specific transport need.

Standard solutions

We produce affordable standard solutions for transport packaging.

Safe Freight

Standard boxes bring your goods undamaged all the way to the buyer.

Transport packaging ensures safe freight to the customer

The right transport packaging is important in order to bring the goods undamaged all the way to the buyer – irrespective of the means of transport to be used. Whether the goods are transported by car, boat or plane, they may have to endure strains underway, like jolts, bumping, humidity, pressure, etc.

How goods are packaged depends on the size, means of transport, expected handling and conditions at the receiving end. We make sure you get transport packaging that is up to the task, all the way! 

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Better economy – better environment

The transport economics and logistical aspects are just as important as proper protection. We customize and optimize our packaging according to volume measurements for pallets, containers and storage, and make sure you get packaging that satisfies industry requirements throughout the value chain, from packing to recycling. This is economical, and it is good for the environment!

We produce affordable standard solutions as well as tailor-made packaging, with or without print. 

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