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  1. Standard Boxes

Standard Boxes

Standard packaging for expedient and affordable delivery

In Stock

Standard packaging in a selection of formats and qualities in stock

Storage and transport

Affordable storage and transport packaging.

Sustainable packaging

Corrugated packaging supports your company's sustainability efforts.

Standard packaging ensures predictability and trusted solutions

In order to guarantee you as customer a predictable supply of packaging, we will always have a number of different standard packaging formats and qualities in stock – with short delivery times. You can choose among a number of sizes, and irrespective of the box size, the strength will never be compromised. Therefore, all products are thoroughly tested and well suited as affordable storage and transport solutions. We have also developed solid removal boxes that have been in the marketplace for several years, and which are also for sale at our wholesale dealers. They are simple to assemble and will stand up to stacking and rough handling in a hectic removal process.

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If products need to be wrapped for further stabilization

single-faced corrugated  will be a good alternative because of its flexibility and ability to absorb shocks and bumping. We will be happy to assist you with suggestions about viable total solutions, based on your requirements and our experience and knowledge of the industry.

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