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  1. Shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging

Simple handling and maximum visibility

Simple handling

Ready with one simple step onto the shelf


optimized for the entire value chain


Boost your brand and increase visibility on the shelf

Sustainable packaging

Corrugated packaging supports your company's sustainability efforts.

Shelf-ready packaging – exhibits the brand and increases sales

Our shelf-ready packaging solutions follow products throughout the entire distribution network and onto retail shelves. Make them ready with one simple act, without the need for a knife or tool. A functional, profiled tray is left on the shelf while the rest is recycled!
The packaging is sufficiently solid to make sure the goods arrive safely, but at the same time simple and functional to minimise the work and time needed in shops to assemble. 


But there are other advantages, too. Our solutions take into account the need for replenishment and rotation of off-the-shelf items, optimisation with respect to pallet size and shelf space, and vital consumer interaction in shops to promote sales. The right choice of materials and high printing quality leads to eye-catching products that can easily be identified by both shop assistants and consumers.

Our knowledge of the value chain and industry requirements at all stages makes us, in close partnership with our customers, able to develop an optimal and cost-effective solution to improve logistics, reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Different design, same quality requirement

We have developed a series of concepts for shelf-ready packaging based on a single part, and will be happy to assist you in making the right choices with respect to requirements – today and in the future.

Our award-winning PetaFront solution has repeatedly been characterized as perfectly adapted to new requirements in commerce. This product takes into account purchasing and manufacturing requirements as well as market requirements. At the same time, it is uncompromising with respect to quality. PetaFront simplifies logistics and the packing process, combined with all the advantages of trays and lids in shop. Soft lines and a clean front without disturbing tear-off edges help make it a good solution for markets as well as shelves.


WrapAround packaging is a cost-effective solution that can help companies save both time and money, but a tailored tray may be the better solution in some cases.

We offer standard solutions and customization for each product, designed according to your requirements with respect to product, marketing and distribution network.

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