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  1. Single Faced Corrugated

Flexible packaging

Single-faced corrugated from Peterson gives products good and environmentally friendly protection


Single faced corrugated is very flexible and can easily be wrapped around a diverstity of products


Single-faced corrugated gives your products good and environmentally sound protection

Sustainable packaging

Corrugated packaging supports your company's sustainability efforts.

Single-faced corrugated in rolls – an environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Single-faced corrugated consists of two layers of paper, an outer paper and a fluting (corrugated paper), delivered in rolls of various widths and qualities. It is excellent for protection and wrapping of products, and is 100 per cent recyclable. This makes it environmentally friendly and a viable alternative to bubble wrap. Corrugated is very flexible and can easily be wrapped around products of all shapes and sizes to absorb shocks and bumping, and thus stabilize and protect them from damage during storage and transportation.

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 Same packaging for different products

Single-faced corrugated is a cost-effective and efficient product because it enables you to use the same packaging for different products. It is suitable for a range of applications, e.g. industrial goods, consumer goods, electronics and e-commerce.

We have a number of standard widths in stock, so we can guarantee expedient delivery.

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