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Packaging for all industries

At Peterson, we produce corrugated-board packaging tailored to the unique requirements of your product and your industry. Whether you are interested in fit-to-product packaging or full-colour printing for ultimate brand exposure, we work with you to ensure your packaging solution responds to your every need.

Consumer goods

As a packaging supplier, Peterson understands how important innovative and protective packaging solutions are for the consumer goods industry. We tailor Our corrugated-board packaging to meet your demands and desires, as well as the specific requirements of your products. We offer packaging and display solutions for a range of consumer products.

Our aim? Providing you with quality packaging that meets all your needs. And that smooths and simplifies your warehousing and logistics processes. We also make sure that when your products hit the shelves, they genuinely stand out and attract attention in your made-to-measure packaging.

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Packaging for the food and beverage industry

Our innovative approach includes different types of packaging and displays. Each serves a specific purpose. And more often than not, a number of purposes. This is why we offer targeted advice that helps you to streamline services.

Our packaging solutions have saved clients time, space and money by optimising their warehousing and logistics services, reducing the amount of packaging they use, and by helping them satisfy clients and consumers with shelf-ready packaging. And as our corrugated-board packaging is made from recycled materials and is easily recycled after use, it is a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly solution.
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Tailored industrial packaging solutions

The industrial sector faces unique requirements for their packaging. Whether they are legislative or due to the unique qualities of the products, a tailored solution is often required. And with the right industrial packaging solution, we have optimised storage space, logistics and transport for clients in a range of sectors.

Read more about PetaCheck – our optimization program for increased profitability. 

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Does your e-commerce packaging solution do all it needs to do? The e-commerce industry relies on meeting consumer expectations. As well as the near-immediate dispatch of goods that are safely and securely ensconced in made-to-measure packaging, they extend to a satisfying unboxing experience. Which raises the question of whether your e-commerce packaging performs as well as it needs to.

We create e-commerce packaging solutions to make sure it does.

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Tell us what you need. Our experts have the experience and insight to tailor an innovative solution for your product and your industry.
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