1. Customized Boxes

Customized Boxes

Perfectly adapted to your packaging requirements

Perfectly adapted

Made to perform optimally throughout the value chain

Improve your profitability

By tailoring your packaging

Manual or automatic packing?

We can help you optimize the packing process

Sustainable packaging

Corrugated packaging supports your company's sustainability efforts.

By tailoring your packaging we improve your profitability


If you have a product with special requirements, it is very likely that we will be able to help you with a beneficial solution in terms of marketing and economy. Corrugated cardboard is a highly flexible material which can be put together and printed on in many ways.

By including us early in the process when launching a product, or if an existing product is to be revitalized and optimized, we can assist you with all our experience and knowledge and help you make the right decisions. No customer is too big or too small for us.

Looking for the personalised approach?

A personalised approach means working with the person who’s the expert in the specific area. And this is exactly what we offer. Find out who is there for you.
Meet your expert advisor.

Tell us what to package, what volumes, your design plans, how the products will be stored, and how they will be distributed to the end customer. Based on your input and our experience and knowledge of the industry, we can discuss a possible solution. Then we design, construct and test a proposition in close dialogue with you, before we put it in production when all details are in place.

There are many considerations involved in the process of making an optimized end product, e.g. with respect to cost-driving factors like storage and transportation. We know how your customers think!

All our products are based on 100 per cent recyclable raw materials. We want it to be both profitable and gratifying to make us your packaging partner!

More solutions?

Are you looking for other packaging solutions? These can also be customized: 

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Tell us what you need. Our experts have the experience and insight to tailor an innovative solution for your product and your industry.

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